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Creative Connects Webinar - Virtual Delivery: Does putting your work online pay?

In this episode of Create Connects – Arts & Culture webinar, panellists will be asked the question of whether digital forms of performance, publication, and presentation can pay off?

During this current environment, artists and organisations are currently being encouraged to ‘move to digital’, this poses a set of unique challenges at a time of high stress and financial uncertainty.

Participants will hear from researcher, futurologist, and cross-media producer Yen Yang about digital platforms and income diversification, and how artists and organisations can successfully navigate these spaces from a financial perspective.

Caroline Spence from Sydney Dance Company will present on their successful implementation of online dance classes, keeping some income channels open, and their dance teachers employed.

Emily Collins from Music NSW is an author of the website I Lost My Gig ,which very early at the start of impacts of COVID-19, made the economic devastation of the live performance sector very clear. We talk with Emily about the hazards of posting your creative content and intellectual property online, for free, or for fee.