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Revenge served with champagne, Co-Opera's "Revenge of the Bat"

Revenge is a dish best served with champagne


Co-Opera have been bringing irreverent comedy and rollicking music to the regions with opera for the last 20 years and are now touring Strauss’s merry operetta, Revenge of the Bat (Die Fledermaus).


The farcical musical comily is wittily sung in English and has been reimagined by Co-Opera in the heady hey day or Art Deco Australia. It bubbles along as the audience follows the hilarious high-jinx of Gabriel von Einstein, glamorous high society of the 1920’s.


In the prologue, Dr Falke’s – The Bat (Die Fledermaus) – desire for revenge. He relates how, after a drunken party his  friend, Eisenstein, left him naked in the centre of town with only his mask to cover his crown jewels.  This humilation in front of the whole town requires revenge!


Vivacious characters, hilarity and mayhem ensue, all washed down with gulps of the best champagne!






Visit Co-Opera’s website for more information.