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CASP Project | What Happens if.... Art Workshops

Image courtesy of the Narrandera Arts and Creative Network.
The Narrandera Arts and Creative Network CASP Funded workshop series “What happens if…” begins on Saturday 19th May with 6 more workshops to follow and an exhibition of the outcomes at the end of the year.
The workshops have been designed to explore the concept of scarce resources, collaboration and different techniques. Each workshop will be broken into 3 key parts.

  • Part 1: Technique

  • Part 2: Work on individual pieces exploring technique
  • Part 3: Work together creating a collaborative piece/s

While the workshops have been designed so they can be attended individually, they will progressively work through different techniques that build as they along. The pieces you create in workshop 1 will be used in workshop 2, then these pieces in workshop 3 and so on.
A key aim of the project is to support collaboration, build relationships and make connections among the broader Narrandera community and surrounding areas through fun and creative processes. There’s plenty of opportunity to ‘play’ with different materials and methods, expand your thinking and sense of fun as well as meet some new people.
The dates, times and themes for the workshops are:

  • Workshop 1
    Saturday 19th May 2018
    What happens if….I only use PURPLE?
    Technique: printing & texture

  • Workshop 2
    Sunday 20th May 2018
    What happens if….I only use WORDS?
    Technique: collage & décollage

  • Workshop 3
    Saturday 16th June 2018
    What happens if….I only use PATTERNS?
    Technique: stitch

  • Workshop 4
    Saturday 21th July 2018
    What happens if….I only use THREAD?
    Technique: weaving

  • Workshop 5
    Saturday 18th August 2018
    What happens if….I only use METALS?
    Technique: flowers & compositions

  • Workshop 6
    Saturday 15th September 2018
    What happens if….I only use NATURE?
    Technique: mixed media

  • Bringing it all together
    Sat & Sun 1st & 2nd November 2018

  • Exhibition, TBC

For each workshop wear old clothes or bring an apron, your lunch and some snacks. The majority of materials will be supplied for all workshops, however as you will be working on both individual and collaborative pieces suggestions will be made for additional materials you can bring and incorporate into your creations. No experience necessary, the workshops are for adults (16+) & places are limited.
RSVP by Thursday before the workshop, call Lindee on 0411 277 368 or email to secure your place.