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CASP Project | Hats Off to the Ouback Millinery Tour 2017

Waltraud Reiner and her Hatmobile are back in the Outback Arts region! Join her workshops and learn the basics of millinery and the power of positive psychology and creative engagement.
June 29-30 | Nymagee
July 1-2 | Cobar
July 4-5 | Louth
July 7-8 | Enngonia
July 10-11 | Lightning Ridge
July 12-13 & 14-15 | Coonamble
July 17-18 | Carinda
July 19-21 | The Marra
For all bookings please contact Outback Arts, and for more information visit
This project is supported by Outback Arts, NSW Government HealthShare and the Country Arts Support Program.