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CAD Factory and Music NSW Workshop: Recording Vocals

In 2019 and 2020, The CAD Factory and Music NSW will run a series of free music production workshops for women, non-binary and trans folx at the Cad Factory Recording Studio in Nerrandera.

Recording Vocals is the second workshop in the series.

Whether recording your own vocals or others, this workshop aims to improve the quality of your vocal recording. Single voice and small vocal group stereo techniques will be demonstrated. Ideas on matching your equipment to your vocalist, getting the best performance and compiling the best take will be explored. Any participants that are working on vocal/music productions and would like feedback are invited to bring audio files to the workshop.

The workshop will be led by Michelle Barry, an established and respected Engineer, Producer and Audio Educator who has worked in studios across Australia, the States and the UK.

Visit the CAD Factory website to find out more or register an expression of interest.