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Byron Writers Festival | Tools of the Trade with Natasha Reddrop


Punctuation and sentence structure are crucial tools for writers, not only to achieve grammatical correctness, but also to enhance your expression and personal style. If you’d like to add some more options to your toolkit, come along to this fun and interactive workshop. We’ll cover common (and less common) uses for all kinds of punctuation, and analyse some great examples. Bring your long-held questions!

In this workshop, we’ll look at uses for full-stops, commas (including the Oxford comma), semi-colons, colons, direct speech, apostrophes, exclamation and question marks, ellipsis, brackets, hyphens and dashes (both em and en).  We’ll also talk about emphasis, capitalisation and listing.

We’ll discuss how punctuation can be used to structure your sentences for certain effects, and how your own punctuation choices really make your writing unique.

These tiny marks are actually the framework that hold our language together – make sure you’ve got access to the full range of options for your written expression!

When: Saturday 4 March, 10am – 1pm
Where: Byron Community College – East Point Arcade (opposite Woolworths), 107 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW 2481 – View Map
Tickets:  $60  / $50 Members or students

Please note all ticket purchases are subject to fees and charges.