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Burraja Gallery | My Alice: Stephen Berger

Image: Stephen Berger, Sand Dunes, Large (detail), 2018, acrylic on canvas.
My Alice is a collection of recent paintings by Central Arrente artist Stephen Berger investigating his intimate recollections of the desert landscapes of Alice Springs and surrounds.
His disciplined practice of repetitious mark making is meditative and technical; in this, however, can be found a sense of reprieve and lightness, engulfing the observer into his contemplative world.
Stephen spent much of his childhood and adult life living in Alice Springs and surrounds. His connection to land and place extends from Yuendemu (West of Alice Springs) to Santa Theresa (South of Alice Springs) and Utopia (East of Alice Springs). Now living in Albury, NSW, Stephen paints from his memory the places and land he has known all his life.
“When you stand at the top of a sand dune, you notice the sand runs continuously forming new lines and marks in the landscape, you can feel the earth moving.”
Whilst Stephen began his art practice later in life, he was surrounded by people and places that signified great social and political change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. His work as a plasterer took him to areas such as Hermannsburg, the birthplace of Indigenous watercolourist Albert Namatjira as well as Papunya, home of The Papunya Tula Art Movement. Stephen’s uncle, Charlie Perkins was the initiator of the Freedom Rides and brought the issue of racial discrimination in country towns, to national attention. Now living in the Border region, Stephen’s works emanate from his time in Alice and the sacred sites of his country.

About burraja gallery

burraja gallery is the only Aboriginal art gallery dedicated to local artists in the border region. We advocate for all Aboriginal artists who live and work locally and provide an opportunity for dialogue and connection through art in our community.
2018 sees burraja gallery continuing its commitment to Aboriginal Arts development. We have an exciting year ahead with a dynamic program of exhibitions, workshops, and artists talks and look forward to offering our artists professional opportunities to show and sell work, collaborate and develop their artistic practice.
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