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Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery | Upcoming Exhibitions

exhibition launch

Image: Hayley Megan French, ‘This or That’ (1-4 of 5), 2016, as part of ‘The Red House’, Penrith Regional Gallery. Photography by silversalt.
From the 24th  March to the 8th of May, four artists looking at nature and the landscape will present exhibitions at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery. Opening hours to view these exhibitions are 10am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and 11am – 4pm on weekends.

James Farley

Slow Documents presents a series of new work exploring camera-less photography as a tool for ecological thinking. Using outdated or discarded photographic materials, the artist composes a set of conditions in which the subject, medium and environment are free to express their agency towards the creation of an image. These photographs evoke the values of reciprocity to explore expanded notions of time, place and human/ non-human agency.

Hayley Megan French

Horizons present and unseen is a collection of paintings and photographs from two years of research and travel in Australia supported by the Marten Bequest Traveling Scholarship (2015-2016). Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery gives space to bring together works across the different series created during this period. The photographs document movement through the landscape; the paintings construct and inhabit landscapes speculatively from the Sydney-based studio. These processes are a challenge to the artist to think differently—about place-making, about how we are shaped by the landscape, and about how we respond to the spoken and unspoken influences of the places, people and cultures that surround and inform us in Australia. Seen side by side, subtle shifts in form are revealed; edges and lines quiver between series.
Ann Mitchell

Ann Mitchell presents Reflections on Nature; a prolific body of watercolour and gouache works created in her home of Broken Hill. From Quandongs, Galahs and Snappy Gums to English bred stallions and Japanese Wildlowers, Mitchell presents to us the intricacies and connections between all aspects of the natural world. This juxtposition of familiar and exotic elements asks us to slow down, posit ourself in an enormous web of natural pheonoema and ultimately, asks us to reflect.

Richard Quayle

A Paarkantjii man of the inner circle and oldest living male on his father’s side, Quayle’s work represents his passion for country and strong belief in his culture showing the true beauty of this land. “I believe if there is a Garden of Eden, it is in Australia and Mungo Lady is Eve; she’s the first.” Having overcome personal challenges and on a quest to feel true beauty, Quayle’s philosophy is a personal belief that there is nothing he can’t do. With this mantra, Qualye shares these experiences through text and painting, allowing us to truly, ‘get what we see’.
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