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Between the Keys at NERAM

New Instruments for a New Sound


Ensemble Offspring, a dynamic Sydney-based organisation, will perform their latest concert, Between the Keys, at NERAM this month.

Ensemble Offspring is Australia’s foremost new music group known for their fun, innovative and inspiring performances. For Between the Keys, Ensemble Offspring commissioned visually striking and sonically beautiful instruments, including the undachin tarhu by local Armidale instrument builder Peter Biffinon, upon which to perform vivid new sounds, . This violin-like instrument combines with clarinis by Linsey Pollak and Kraig Grady’s centaur vibraphone in classics by Arvo Pärt and Philip Glass alongside new Australian works.


  • Damien Ricketson (violin)
  • Anna McMichael (undachin tarhu)
  • Jason Noble (clarini/harmonium)
  • Diana Springford (clarini)
  • Claire Edwardes (centaur vibraphone)
  • Bree van Reyk (meru bars/percussion)


Ensemble Offspring are dedicated to the performance of innovative new music, driven by open-mindedness and performance excellence. Their community initiatives promote diverse and emerging music practices that expose audiences to new ways of experiencing sound.

Click here to read about the unique instrument handmade by a regional craftsman in The Armidale Express.

WHEN: 23 May, 2013

TIME: 7:00pm

WHERE: New Englan Regional Arts Museum


Come along and be surprised by this wonderful new world of sound.