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Bello LeaF at Bello Winter Music

Bello Winter Music has partnered with the Bellingen Shire Learning Alliance, and the newly established Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub to present Bello LeaF – a popular program of sustainability and environment focused  workshops, tours and forums that runs alongside the 2018 music festival. 
After three consecutive years of successful and innovative programs, festival goers have come to expect LeaF workshops covering a rich and exciting array of eco-learning topics, facilitated by passionate local presenters – and this year’s offerings are even more diverse. The LeaF Program will showcase skills and knowledge from nine different organisations and runs from Friday to Sunday of the festival and is proudly sponsored by Bellingen Solar Depot.
Staple favourites including Primitive Fire Making, Edible and Medicinal Weeds Walk and Winter Yoga and Meditation classes will all return to the 2018 program alongside an array of exciting new activities including, Make your own Plastic Free Personal Products by Waste Not Bellingen and the Centre for Ecological Learning; Towards a Zero-Emissions Bellingen Shire by Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance; and Bugs of Bellingen by Cascade Environmental Education Centre.
Bello LeaF events are free for festival ticket holders and are available to non-ticket holders by donation on the day. Registration is recommended for popular Bello LeaF events.

Re-usable Cup Initiative – Moving Towards A Waste Free Festival

Bello Winter Music, with the help of Waste Not Bellingen and supported by Bellingen Solar and Bellingen Brewery, is moving towards a Waste Free festival. The festival has instigated a reusable cup initiative at the Festival Bar this year, with patrons able to purchase their drinks in a reusable festival cup. The festival and Waste Not Bellingen are also working with festival venues to not only reduce waste produced during the festival, but also to make sure that any waste produced ends up in the right place after the festival.

Bello LeaF 2018 Program highlights

WORKSHOP: Primitive Fire Making. Did you forget the matches? This is your chance to learn to make fire from nature’s bounty. Bush Skills experts Andrew Turbill, Tyler Parkes, and Holly Mae will guide you in the spirit of matchless fire making. Brought to you by Centre for Ecological Learning.
WORKSHOP: Bugs of Bellingen. What do you reckon about those little critters that live under the leaves and even in the water? Could you survive without them? Should you look after them? Spend a while with knowledgeable environmental educators exploring for Bugs of Bellingen. We will bring some equipment to help you explore the local environment to learn about these interesting and essential creatures. Brought to you by Cascade Environmental Education Centre.
WORKSHOP: Winter Yoga. Focusing on strengthening and stretching your spine from your lumbar to your neck, experience how different your body can feel when your spine is given the right kind of attention. Ki Yoga focuses on the seasons and the energy meridians of your body. Emma Hohnen has been teaching Ki Yoga for almost 15 years. Brought to you by Centre for Ecological Learning.
WORKSHOP: Morning Meditation. Insight Meditation teacher Will James will lead a group meditation on the theme of “This Precious Life”. Beginners welcome. Brought to you by Tallowwood Sangha. More info at
WALK: Edible and Medicinal Weeds. Join us for an exploration into the world of weeds. Often disliked and overlooked, these plants are a treasure trove of food and medicines. Damian Harrison from Chamomile Naturopathy will help you identify useful local weeds and their culinary and medicinal possibilities. Brought to you by Centre for Ecological Learning.
WORKSHOP: Running a “Buy Local” campaign – you can too! ‘Bello’s Big Deal’, was a ‘buy local’ campaign recently run by the Bellingen Chamber of Commerce. This interactive workshop will provide ideas about what to do and what not to do when running a campaign to bring business home to your community. Hilary Cadman will give a short presentation on the campaign and the lessons learned, followed by group activities to help you plan your own ‘buy local’ campaign. Brought to you by the Bellingen Chamber of Commerce.
WORKSHOP: The Great Koala Park Project. Koalas are one of the world’s favourite animal, and Bellingen can lay claim to being the koala capital of NSW! But the outlook is not all rosy for the species. Join Oisin Sweeney, Senior Ecologist from the National Parks Association NSW, to learn more about koalas and what you can do to help in your local area, and to hear about the Great Koala National Park proposal: what is it and why do we need it? Brought to you by the Coffs Coast Regional Science Hub/Centre for Ecological Learning.
WORKSHOP: Towards a Zero-Emissions Bellingen Shire. Come learn how a volunteer local group is promoting local ownership of Bellingen Shire’s electricity supply and demand. We believe that renewable energy is an essential element in the sustainability of our lifestyle and our environment. Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance is a community-based, volunteer, not-for-profit Association.
WORKSHOP: Getting Hands on – Citizen Science and Turtles. Come and see citizen science in action and find out what we need to do to look after our river. Sue Lennox will share the results of the Bellingen Riverwatch program, which involved Bellingen schools and the Bellingen Community in monitoring river health on a monthly basis. Hear about the partnership between OzGREEN and the NSW Govt Saving Our Species program, in collaboration with Bellingen Shire Council and multiple partners who were involved in the Turtle rescue. Brought to you by OzGREEN.
WORKSHOP: Make your own Plastic Free Personal Products. Commercial personal products promise us eternal youth. But what are the real costs of these beauty elixirs and their ingredients – often a cocktail of chemicals, packaged in plastic, which can be harmful to ourselves, our children and the planet. Donna Sowman and Alison Heeley willteach you how to easily create your own plastic-free personal products, such as toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm, using natural, simple ingredients at a fraction of the price!Brought to you by Waste Not Bellingen/ Centre for Ecological Learning.
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