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BEE Aware Environmental Art Workshop

Megan Halcroft is one of only a few PhD specialists on Australian native bees and combines an extensive experience in this field with a deep passion for the beauty and diversity of solitary native bees. As we beautify our gardens, removing sticks, rotting wood and turning soil we remove the natural habitat of our native bees.  Join Megan to find out about how to find and recognise solitary bees in your garden and help protect them by providing artificial nesting spaces and other habitat elements.

Following a seminar on native bees, attendees will have the opportunity to work with ceramicist Celeste Coucke and wood sculptor Ana Pollak to translate the insights gained from the environmental seminar into a ‘bee hotel’ that will be installed in Picton Botanic Gardens. Participants will get hands on experience in clay and wood working craft to construct elements that will be integrated into the bee hotel.

  • Seminar 8.30am-11.30am
  • Art workshop 12pm-3pm

This workshop is supported by Arts NSW’s 2016 Country Arts Support Program, a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local Regional Arts Boards.