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Be Part of Aboriginal Cultural Showcase 2016 - Tamworth

Part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival

With new branding and a new website, the stage is set for the Aboriginal Cultural Showcase 2016 in Tamworth from 19 – 22 January.

The Aboriginal Cultural Showcase is community based and run as part of the Tamworth Country Music Festival that will run from 15-24 January. It is designed to provide Aboriginal people from all over Australia with the opportunity to perform and develop their skills as part of this great event.

The showcase is a partnership between Arts North West and the Tamworth Aboriginal Land Council. Further sponsorship for the festival is being sought.

The Showcase has the specific goal of providing new and emerging talents with exposure and skills development opportunities. In order to achieve this a flexible program of shows is programmed to include everyone from first time walk-ups to experienced artists.

 In addition to the music program that includes a range of performance, walk-up and mentoring opportunities, the Aboriginal Cultural Showcase has a developing cultural workshop program which has proved very popular with visitors.

To date there has been didge playing, dance and weaving. The call is out now for cultural practitioners with a range of other skills who can get audiences involved to learn about the richness of Aboriginal culture as part of the event.

How to get involved

Contact the organisers and let them know a bit about yourself and how you would like to be involved.  They are interested in hearing from Aboriginal musicians and performers of all levels of talent and experience, and cultural practitioners who would like to perform, run a market stall, or run workshops and events.

 Find out more from Lorrayne Riggs – Arts North West – 0467 668977 or email