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Arts OutWest | Dr Anita Collins Talk at Orange Regional Conservatorium

Dr. Anita Collins, an award-winning educator and researcher in music education and brain development, will be presenting a talk on Tuesday 26 February at 6:00pm at the Orange Regional Conservatorium about the links between music education and increased communication, language and problem solving skills in children.

As part of her work, Dr. Collins has interviewed over 100 neuromusical researchers in Canada, USA, Scandinavia and Europe, and will be speaking with local teachers, principals, young doctors and members of the public during the talk.

Dr. Collins is also a TEDx speaker and TED-Ed writer, and was an on-screen expert in the ABC Documentary Don’t Stop the Music.

Make sure to RSVP now as nearly all seats have already been reserved.

For more information and to RSVP, visit: