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In Meliora Contende | Articulate 2013

Lindy Hume inspires the crowd with her 'Excellence' speech


Lindy Hume, Artistic Director of Opera Queensland, sits on Regional Arts NSW’s Board of Directors,  is Chair of South East Arts (SEA), and lives at Yowie on the NSW South Coast. She addressed over 200 arts workers and delegates who travelled to Rockhampton last week for Articulate, the biennial Queensland arts conference, in a speech that called for the restoration of Excellence in arts practice.

‘Excellence: capital E. It’s a wonderful word, an uncompromising word, an aspirational word, a noble, distinguished, reaching, shining, stretching, striving word… Unfortunately it’s a word that has sometimes been sidelined to make way for more “democratic” language, and in… regional arts in Australia, it seems to have been utterly banished.’

Lindy explained that soft language, wording that lacked aspiration, used in significant cultural documents such as Creative Australia, limits the vision Australia has for itself. She posited that the regional arts sector had lowered expectations for its own capabilities and that it was  in shifting the focus to ‘Excellence’ and ‘quality’ that we can expect to  ‘seize a more central place… in the national cultural narrative’.

She also told the story of Bermagui’s Four Winds Festival and the radical transformation of the sound venue that Sheena Boughen spearheaded for this year’s performances.

Lindy’s full speech is available here. We congratulate her on a visionary address.