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Art Venture in the Grass | Barnraiser

Bennett Miller's 'Barnraiser' puts hard work & the fear of God into the hippy fest.


While festival-goers may be hell-raising at Splendour in the Grass this weekend, artist, Bennett Miller and his participants, will be barn raising. The WA artist sculpture, installation and performance artist will present ‘living sculptures’ for this year’s outdoor festival. Audiences can expect to encounter a community of a very productive, righteous people. For the duration of the festival they will demonstrate the virtues of plain living, creating a home for themselves within our new site.

Amid the hedonism of the festival, Miller’s artists will embody a tradition of righteousness, industriousness and old-school-ness for the duration of the 13th Splendour festival. 2500 people are expected to flock to Byron Bay between the 26th July – 27th July for the music event.

Barnraiser was seeded out of the Splendid initiative, a program managed by Lismore Regional Gallery between 2009-2012 in collaboration with Splendour in the Grass and funded by the Australia Council’s Office of Young and Emerging Artists.

Miller’s work has gained international attention after his project, Dachshund U.N., an installation involving live sausage dogs representing 45 country delegates, speakers and interpreters and featured a timber replica of a United Nations Human Rights Committee UN meeting room travelled from Melbourne around the world.