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Albury LibraryMuseum | What a Life! Rock Photography by Tony Mott

Image: Peter Garrett, Midnight Oil, 1985 © Tony Mott, State Library of NSW Travelling Exhibition.
Australia’s premier rock photographer, Tony Mott, has captured every aspect of the rock’n’roll lifestyle through his camera lens.
An untrained photographer, he got his break with a photograph of Divinyls lead singer Chrissy Amphlett. Mott went on to have over 30,000 photographs published in 20 countries. His images have appeared on 400 posters, on the covers of 500 CDs and in more than 900 magazines. Mott was the photographer bands asked for, and his portfolio features everyone from the Rolling Stones to local indie bands.
From candid portraits to awe-inspiring live shots, Mott has a unique ability to connect with his subject.
On Saturday 19 May, join Tony Mott for a guided tour of this major retrospective and hear some of his stories from over 30 amazing years of photographing some of the biggest names in the business.
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