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Albury LibraryMuseum | Dinosaur rEvolution


Image: Luis V. Rey, ‘Saichania’, 2016, for ‘Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival’.
Horns, spikes, quills and feathers. The secret is in the skin!

Dinosaurs lived all over the world for 169 million years and vanished 65 million years ago when the Earth was struck by an asteroid. Until recently, knowledge of dinosaurs was based almost entirely on their internal body structure. As a result, skins were lizard-like and the colours grey, green and brown prevailed.

Albury LibraryMuseum are breaking the mould with the exhibition Dinosaur rEvolution!

Thanks to new fossils found in China showing dinosaur skin and soft tissue, visitors are able to get a true glimpse of the bizarre and complex nature of the evolution of the Dinosauria. Revealing the secrets of the skin reveals two orders of dinosaurs: one with feathers, scales, claws and sharp teeth, the other with beaks, quills, scales, spikes, horns and massive body armour.

This exhibition follows the separate paths of the two main groups – Saurischia and Ornithischia. Specimens and fossils bring dinosaurs to life, accompanied by close-to-life sized murals that show dinosaurs fully fleshed, feathered, and in living and breathing colours.

Dinosaur rEvolution: Secrets of Survival is a travelling exhibition produced by Gondwana Studios and Luis V. Rey.
For more information about this exhibition visit the Albury LibraryMuseum website here.