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8 A r t i s t s

Artist collaborations that revisioning ability

This May, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery is exhibiting the contemporary art exhibition 8 A r t i s t s. The exhibition showcases the collaborative efforts of four pairs of artists from the Eastern Riverina region pairing emerging and established artists, and within each pair, one artist is living with a disability. These unique partnerships produced the amazing art works shown in 8 A r t i s t s. Curator Sarah McEwan says, “8  A r t i s t s was born through listening and from many conversations. It’s about a deeper conversation between artists with and without disability in the Riverina.”

Artist Collaborations:

  • Wayne Emerson + Jeff McCann
  • Angela Coombs Matthews + Kellie Hulm
  • Vic McEwan + Scott Lea
  • Jacqui Meyers + Julia Davies

The project aims to create a model for partnership between artists with and without disability that is more meaningful than a traditional mentor-mentee relationship and move beyond the typcally uneven power dynamic to a collaboration where both artists have an equal footing. It was created to challenge ideas about ability and disability, the project has successfully encourage art works that reflect each other’s skills, ideas and practice.

“This exhibition breaks new ground in exploring collaboration between artists with and without disability,” says Gallery Manager Stephen Payne, “and it has been a pleasure, and a privilege, for us to support the artists as their works have evolved throughout the process of exchange and development.”

The exhibition recognizes some of the region’s talented artists whose professional practice demonstrates their outstanding abilities and unique insight. “It’s about artists working together to explore each other’s visual language to create something new and interesting. It’s about having fun and connecting with people,” Sarah explains.

The project has been developed over an extended period, with consultations between Eastern Riverina Arts, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and Kurrajong Warratah starting in October 2010. Participating artist Jeff McCann reflects, “Looking back over these past few months I couldn’t have ask for a better collaborator. Being able to share ideas and stories with an artist like Wayne is an invaluable lesson, one that I will reflect upon for years to come with great fondness.”



EXHIBITION: 8 A r t i s t s


WHERE: Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

DATES: 18 May – 14 July 2013


Image credit: Vic McEwan + Scott Lea 2 Dances 2012 video