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Regional Arts Development Organisations

Regional arts development in NSW is decentralised through a network of Regional Arts Development Organisations. They are funded through a partnership where the local councils in each region, together with the State Government, contribute financially to each Board.
A Regional Arts Development Organisation is a non-profit incorporated association and has a committee of management (by whatever name they are called) made up of volunteers who are elected/appointed to the position under the rules stated in the organisation’s Constitution. In NSW, incorporated associations come under the jurisdiction of the NSW Dept of Fair Trading. There is information about the obligations of an incorporated association on their web site.
Regional Arts Development Organisations provide strategic direction for sustainable arts and cultural development in their regions. Each Regional Arts Development Organisation employs staff members who coordinate and implement a regional arts and cultural development program across the contributing local government areas in their region. Regional Arts Development Organisations are a partnership with the local governments in each region, and several are directly managed by local government representatives on stakeholder boards of directors.
All Regional Arts Development Organisations are reliant on financial and, in some cases, ‘in kind’ contributions from local governments and shires. The development of this relationship between local governments and Regional Arts Development Organisations was one of the desired outcomes of the restructure of the Arts Council of NSW.
Regional Arts Development Organisations balance broad regional arts and cultural development programs and projects with specific initiatives to support sectors and communities within the region which are disadvantaged in terms of access to arts and culture.
Regional Arts Development Organisation employees (Regional Arts Executive Directors and other arts development workers who vary across the different Regional Arts Development Organisations) consult with and report directly to Councils, Cultural Advisory Committees and other relevant Council Committees on their programs.
Regional Arts Development Organisation employees also consult and work closely with local government staff (arts, cultural, events, tourism, community services and economic development officers) in all contributing councils (as well as their many non-government partners) to develop and implement its regional arts development program.
Regional Arts Development Organisations provide regional services which are developed specifically to support local government in delivering and resourcing programs in and across different LGAs in the region (e.g. cultural planning and policy development workshops, public art training for local government staff).