Regional Arts NSW
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Below are definitions for Regional Arts NSW terms and acronyms.

What is ‘regional’?

Regional is all of NSW outside the greater Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong conurbation. This is the definition of the state and federal government arts departments. It excludes cities with a population greater than 100,000.

What do we mean by arts?

The Regional Arts network defines ‘the arts’ as all those media used by people to express themselves creatively, such as visual arts (painting, sculpture, graphic art etc.), photography, dance, theatre, physical theatre (involving circus skills), music and song (classical, folk, contemporary and traditional), crafts, literature (writing, prose, poetry etc.), film and television production, design (graphic, fashion etc.)  The arts also relates to arts practice target groups including Indigenous arts and cultural practices, cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD), youth, disability, children and general community.

What do we mean by development?

Development implies progress beyond the status quo.  Developing arts forms and arts practices, developing communities through the arts, developing relationships with the non-arts sector etc are all terms we use that relate to growth.

What is a Regional Arts Development Organisation?

A Regional Arts Development Organisation is a non-profit organisation that has been formed to deliver arts and cultural development services to regional communities across a group of local government areas. Each Regional Arts Development Organisations has a volunteer ‘committee of management’ or ‘board of management’ that sets the strategic direction of the organisation and oversees its implementation in accordance with its constitution.
Each Regional Arts Development Organisation receives core funding from the state government and the local government bodies or Councils, within its region to employ an Executive Director and cover the administrative costs of maintaining an office. Regional Arts Development Organisations vary in size with some servicing as few as 4 Councils while others have as many as 13 in their regions. Each Regional Arts Development Organisation is an independent non-profit organisation and is a member of Regional Arts NSW.
The Executive Director is employed by the Board and reports to the Board.  The Board is made up of people from the region who may be representatives of the different groups, including the councils that contribute the Regional Arts Development Organisations, or may be made up of people who have been identified as having the necessary skills needed to effectively govern the organisation.  Boards generally meet between four and six times a year.  Some Regional Arts Development Organisations also have members who can vote at an Annual General Meeting, other Regional Arts Development Organisations don’t.

What is the role of the Executive Director?

The Executive Director is the leader of the Regional Arts Development Organisation, a front line facilitator of regional arts and cultural development. Executive Directors develop and manage arts programs that deliver against the strategic plan of the Regional Arts Development Organisation. They manage a team of staff, the organisation’s finances, seek grants and funding to deliver projects and report to a board to ensure the Organisation fulfills its statutory obligations and business requirements.