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Eastern Riverina Arts welcomes new Executive Director, Tim Kurylowicz

After 12 months acting in the role of Executive Director, Tim Kurylowicz has been permanently appointed to the role at Eastern Riverina Arts, taking over the helm after Scott Howie’s 10 year stint with the organisation.

Anne Lowe, Chair of Eastern Riverina Arts said “Tim has steered the organisation through a really challenging year, and has worked with a great team to deliver the Arbour Festival, an important event marking 12 months since the devastating Dunns Road fire.”

“Tim has a strong commitment to the Arts and Cultural sector of our regional communities, and he is extremely well positioned to lead this organisation through a period of recovery and growth.”

The Regional Arts NSW network is delighted to have Tim join us permanently and we look forward to continuing to work with him in support of arts, culture and creativity in the Eastern Riverina region.

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