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Artstate - That's a wrap!

We can’t believe that four years of Artstate is up! What an amazing journey and conversation we have had with you all as we travelled to different corners of the state to showcase the excellence and diversity in arts practice that exists across regional NSW.

The fourth and final Artstate in Wagga Wagga was far from what we had envisaged for the final iteration of the hybrid arts event, with much of Artstate having to be recreated to abide with COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing.

But, a global health pandemic was not going to stop the show or our support for regional artists and arts workers; and while different from Artstate Lismore (2017), Artstate Bathurst (2018), and Artstate Tamworth (2019), Artstate Wagga was nothing short of an exceptional artistic showcase of the culture and creativity of the Riverina, and an insightful and inspiring continuation of conversations from the past four years.

We are proud to have delivered Artstate as a fully COVID-safe event in partnership with Eastern Riverina Arts and Wagga Wagga City Council, and thank everyone for their involvement, attendance, and support to not only help us do so, but to make the final Artstate a great wrap up to a brilliant four years.

View the Artstate Wagga Wagga video here. 

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