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Cowra Voices Awarded The Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020

Cowra Voices, a geolocative storytelling app featuring Cowra people narrating the unique peace and reconciliation story of Cowra, has been awarded the Oral History NSW Community History Award 2020.

Established in 1979 as a non-profit association supporting the promotion and improvement of oral history, the award is ‘designed to acknowledge the work of individuals or community groups who are recording the histories of their communities.’

In awarding Cowra Voices, the judges had this to say:

‘Geolocative storytelling apps are a very exciting space for oral history’s future – and this one, based around a specific place and event, centres grassroots ‘peacebuilding’ and the Japanese diaspora. Its rationale and execution are admirable and necessary. The project team has a long-standing and fruitful history of collaboration with Cowra council, and the Cowra community. The outcome also includes multiple sections of the community (youth, Indigenous peoples, ethnic-minority women). Furthermore, the project team has been able to appeal to both locals and tourists, and built transnational connections.’

Congratulations Cowra Voices!