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NSW Government announces $10M in multi-year arts funding


The NSW Government has announced the recipients of a $10 million multi-year arts funding boost to support 58 small to medium independent arts organisations for up to four years.

Minister for the Arts Don Harwin said the industry has struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020/2021 Independent Arts and Cultural Organisations (Multi-Year Funding) provides a future-proof plan for the revival of the arts sector.

“I’m delighted this year’s funding has increased to support a greater number of organisations across NSW with almost half of the multi-year funding to be delivered to first-time recipients. This is the security blanket the sector needs right now. It will provide stability with increased funding over a longer period of time, Mr Harwin said.

All successful recipients across regional NSW, western Sydney and metro Sydney were assessed by the 10 Artform Boards – comprised of the State’s key leaders in the arts sector.


$9,999,110 in funding for 2020/2021 (up 8.38% on 2019/2020) will support an increased total number of 58 recipients (up from 55 on 2019/2020) across 33 metro Sydney, 14 regional NSW and 11 western Sydney based organisations.

Outback Theatre for Young People, Moorambilla Voices, Northern Rivers Performing Arts Inc., Moree Cultural Arts Foundation and NERAM are among the 14 regionally-based organisations to receive funding.

Click here to view the full list of recipients.