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Orana Arts | Cementa announces first artist-run space in Kandos

Exciting news for artists based in and around Kandos, as arts organisation Cementa announces the establishment of the town’s own artist-run space.

Located at 71 Angus Avenue, WAYOUT occupies the Angus Memorial Hall, which in previous lives has been used as Kandos’ original community hall, as well as a roller skating rink, gym and most recently as the Harley Davidson Museum of NSW.

This new chapter as WAYOUT means the space will be run by regional artists to give local and visiting creatives a taste of the experimental fun and co-supportive community that artists in urban contexts are able to access through ARI culture.

Cementa are currently finalising details for new space and exhibition/performance applications, but in the meantime, more information about their plan for WAYOUT are viewable here.

Those who are interested in supporting WAYOUT and Cementa’s other projects are encouraged to donate to the group’s Australian Campaign Fund page:

Congratulations Cementa and Kandos on this exciting new initiative.

For more info visit the Cementa website.