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CASP 2020: Interview with Salad Days Zine (Wagga Wagga)

The Country Arts and Support Program (CASP) is an annual small grants program administered by Regional Arts NSW on behalf of Create NSW, to support community arts and cultural development in regional NSW.

As we approach the opening date for CASP 2020 applications, we talk to previous CASP recipients to see how these small grants benefited their projects and communities at large.

Applications for CASP 2020 open at 12pm on Friday 24 May. Prospective applicants must get in touch with their RADO before applying.


Salad Days and the Halfway Print Fest (CASP 2017, $3,679)

Please provide a brief bio for Salad Days.
We (Adele and Kate) established Salad Days as a zine in 2015. While the zine is our foundation, we have grown into curators and managers of our own independent publishing fair, Halfway Print Fest. We are passionate about cultivating spaces where artists can thrive.

Tell us more about the project for which you received CASP funding.

The inaugural Halfway Print Fest was held in March 2017 in Wagga Wagga NSW at Thirsty Crow Brewery. It is a celebration of all things print and hosts zinesters and independent publishers from the Riverina region to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. It is Wagga Wagga’s first zine fair and offers opportunities for artists and attendees, both local and visiting, to share their creations and learn more about DIY publishing.

How did receiving CASP funding benefit you/your project? Were there any longer term benefits?

Receiving CASP funding helped us bring our ambitions for Halfway Print Fest to life. With these funds we were able to employ artists to help make our event the best it could be and truly offer an experience that was by artists and for artists, which was not lost on our visitors who were impressed and inspired.

Any advice for prospective CASP applicants?

Don’t worry about tying everything up nicely and having everything planned to the last detail. Things change and be open to that in your application and project planning. Also, utilise your RADO, ask heaps of questions and listen to their advice.

For guidelines and more info, visit our CASP page.