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Outback Arts | Women Outfront

This year Outback Arts partnered with Signal Creative and commenced a three-year project with the young women in Warren and Walgett as part of Outback Arts’ Aboriginal Arts Program.
Women Outfront is about empowering women and the communities to create original music, performance and dance inspired by the surrounding areas of each town. Participants will develop creative skills and experience in terms of artist identity, performance, musical style, direction, music production and promotion. Signal will also provide ongoing mentoring support for the girls.
Throughout their scheduled visits over 2018, the groups from each school have developed themes for their main performances with Warren choosing ‘Drylands, Wetlands’ and Walgett exploring ‘River Stories’. Both schools took trips on country to gather inspiration as well as enjoyed music creation, dance and craft workshops to add ideas and content to the performance.
There is currently an installation showing in Warren that features the stunning wrapped branches made by the girls using recycled fabrics and collage to create a powerful visual that speaks about breathing new life into found objects. The installation is also completely solar powered and lights up at night!
The centre section of the installation shows poetry and collage that have been created by the young women at the school which will feed into elements of a live performance featuring breath-percussion and location recordings of the Wetlands by the girls. This performance will be premiering in Warren next year and there are hopes to tour it locally.
The project is funded through the Commonwealth Bank Grassroots Grant program.