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CASP Project | Journeys: Maitland is my Home

As another year draws to a close, Regional Arts NSW is looking back on some of our 2018 grant recipients and their projects.
One such project is Journeys: Maitland is my Home, a Maitland Regional Museum exhibition supported by the Country Arts Support Program. On display at Brough House in Maitland throughout September and October, Journeys featured the photography of Lizz Mackenzie, Jaslyn Walters and Kylie Foley; six short films by emerging filmmaker Brendan Dennerly; and oral narratives by Helen Hopcroft.
The works stemmed from interviews with Maitland residents about their connection to place in Maitland. In recent years, Maitland has been one of the fastest growing Local Government Areas outside Sydney, and Journeys celebrated the growing cultural diversity of the area, and explored the rich narratives and experiences of belonging that span across a range of residents. Participants ranged from a seven-month-old baby to some of Maitland’s oldest residents.
In an interview with Sage Swinton from the Maitland Mercury, Helen Hopcroft noted the importance of capturing the changing experiences of Maitland at this point in time.
“Maitland is in a point where it is growing so rapidly, its identity can go into a state of flux,” she said. “It’s important to reflect on who we were, who we are, and who we could be.”
Journeys: Maitland is my Home was exhibited as a part of Maitland 200 events, and was curated by Lizz Mackenzie. The stories and work produced as a part of the exhibition are now in the process of being collected into a limited edition book.
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