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Sustainability and Action for Positive Change: Mullum Music Festival Community Program

At Mullum Music Festival patrons are encouraged to participate in positive actions for sustainable change. The festival is once again partnering with Renew Fest to present an inspiring program of free activities for festival goers. Don’t just nourish your soul with music; engage in workshops, walks and talks and learn about being an agent for positive change.
“For 11 years Mullum Music Festival has championed a sustainable festival model, utilising existing venues in the town of Mullumbimby and keeping the capacity intimate,” said Festival Director Glenn Wright. “As well as collaborating with Renew Fest, we are working closely with Mullum Cares to reduce waste at the festival; Stone and Wood are running the ‘For Cup’s Sake!’ exchange-a-cup program at the festival bars; and the Festival continues to work closely with Byron Shire Council and Brunswick Valley Landcare on our very successful tree planting program (8000 trees planted and counting!) Bring your own drink bottle to the festival please – there are plenty of places available to re-fill your bottle.”

Mullum Music Festival Community Program Highlights

Nature Walks

For the last 20 years Brunswick Valley Landcare has worked tirelessly to restore the local Saltwater Creek and the results have been phenomenal. Come and see for yourself and learn more about their work. Or stroll along the beautiful Brunswick River and into the Heritage Park botanical garden dedicated to growing trees for conservation. Learn about the local ecology, plants and animals of the region. Presented by Dave Rawlins and Brunswick Valley Landcare.
Saturday 17 Nov & Sunday 18 Nov, 9:30am

No small change – How festivals can change the world!

Festivals together with their programs full of artists & experts have a powerful opportunity to be agents of great change. Join MC Ella Rose Goninan and Sarah Howells (Broadcaster/Woodford Folk Festival) along with special guests and industry professionals to hear how festivals can influence, address and promote sustainability.
Saturday 17 November, 10:30am Byron Community College

Cultural Appropriation – what is it? How to address it?

Culture Aware, a First Nation led organisation founded this year in the Byron Shire, will discuss the widespread and long-term global issue of cultural appropriation. Hear Robbie Llewellyn, Arakwal Representative Delta Kay and Blakboi (Tom Avery) discuss the issues. Join the discussion!
This year Renew Fest introduced Mullum to Culture Aware and facilitated the accreditation of Mullum Music Festival to the Cultural Awareness agreement, extending an ongoing commitment to support and respect the traditional people of the area as they reclaim, preserve and revitalise their culture, protect their ancestral lands and unite their communities. ”Mullum Music Festival is Culture Aware, music for heart and soul,” said Delta Kay, Arakwal woman.
Saturday 17 November, 9am Byron Community College

Women in Music

Three of Mullum Fest’s passionate, powerhouse artists Áine Tyrrell, Bethanie Jolly and Kodi Twiner bring their voices together to share their experiences and challenges as women in the music industry, discuss the role of female artists at this time of greater awareness as well as celebrate the festivals and organisations that are doing it right!
Sunday 18 November, 11:30am Byron Community College

Weaving Workshop using recycled materials

Get hands on and learn techniques of weaving with discarded plastics, cables, cords and copper wire to create practical and beautiful pieces. Whether it be a sculptural work of art, jewellery, a bike basket, or a set of maracas to shake in the festival street parade! Weaving Connections will supply the salvaged materials and show you the techniques required. You bring along your sense of fun and let your imagination run wild.
Sat 17 Nov & Sun 18 Nov 10am – 12 pm Festival Marketplace

Waxing Lyrical On The Energy Revolution!

COREM (Community-Owned Renewable Energy Mullum) will address ‘why’ community-owned models are crucial in economic shifts to adequately address the climate crisis. COREM will give an update on their projects dedicated to the 100% renewable energy goal by 2020 and how to get involved.
Saturday 17 November 12 – 1pm Byron Community College
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