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The Big Skies Collaboration | Skywriters Anthology 2019

The Big Skies Collaboration are now accepting submissions to the Skywriters Anthology, a royalty title in print and eBook formats (pdf, ePub and Kindle versions). It will be distributed under a global license held by the publisher, Interactive Publications Pty Ltd (IP).
Creative writers and aspiring writers are invited to submit skystories about their own or other people’s (or other beings?) relationships with celestial phenomena, as experienced from within the fuzzy borders of the region defined as the 700 Kilometre Array (700KA) of inland New South Wales.
The Big Skies Collaboration are looking for stories that link land and sky in fresh ways to evoke a strong sense-of-place and new imaginings of humanity’s past, present and possible future relationships with Planet Earth and its moon, with other planets, with stars, gas clouds and the space between them in our own or other universes, and/or with extra-terrestrial lifeforms.
The Big Skies Collaboration will consider poetry and works in any prose genre suitable for a general readership, including literary fiction and non-fiction, memoir, sci-fi, and speculative fiction (but probably not strong erotica or horror, and certainly not polemic). All submissions must be in English and, at this stage, the limit is 3,000 words.
Submitted works will be blind-selected by three curating editors — Dr Suzie Gibson, a Senior Lecturer in English at Charles Sturt University’s School of Humanities and Social Science, Bathurst; Val Clark from the Outback Writers Centre, Dubbo; and Gai Lander, a lover of literature from Grenfell — with the project’s managing editor and Big Skies Collaborator, Dr Merrill Findlay.
Authors will retain copyright on work accepted for the anthology, but reprint rights will be subject to subsidiary rights stipulated in the initial contract.
Royalties will be paid by IP to the managing editor who will then disperse earned royalties to contributors. Royalties will be earned at 10% of the GST-exclusive recommended retail price (RRP) where the Publisher sells at 50% or more of the RRP, and at 10% of net revenue where the Publisher sells at a discount higher than 50% for print copies and for all eBook sales. Statements of Account will be issued by the Publisher twice per year for periods ending on 30 June and 31 December.
IP will also offer all contributors one free copy of the anthology plus additional copies at a discount of 40% off recommended retail price ( e.g. $18/book for a book that retails for $30).
To submit your skystories you will need to be a registered Skywriter — which is easy. Just fill in a Skywriters Registration Form, if you haven’t already done so, and return it to Your email address will then be added to the Skywriters database and you will receive our newsletters and updates.
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