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Screenworks | Living Regionally and Want a Career in the Film Industry?

If you’re living in regional Australia and have always wanted a career working in the film and television industry, look no further. Screenworks is making it easier for regional Australians to build careers and bring their stories to the screen.
Based in Ballina in Northern NSW, Screenworks runs programs, events and career development opportunities that support regional, rural and remote Australians develop their skills and their projects as well as connect with screen industry opportunities.
With such a diverse range of careers to pursue in the screen industry, there’s potential to build specific skills or transfer skills from another industry. There’s the industry specific key creative roles including writing, directing and producing or the technical jobs of camera operator, lighting and sound or post production opportunities including editing and special effects. Then there are possibilities to bring other industry skills and cross-over in to screen industry jobs such as carpenters for set building, costume designers for wardrobe, hair and make-up – just to name a few.
Screenworks’ Programs and Operations Manager Lisa O’Meara has five top tips for anyone living in regional Australia who has a demonstrated talent and is wanting to build their career in the screen industry.

For people living regionally there are unique challenges with finding pathways to creating a career in the film & tv industry, but this is specifically why Screenworks was created and continues to deliver its programs. We encourage that people living in regional Australia who are serious about a career in the screen industry become Screenworks members in order to have the best opportunity to succeed.
According to Screenworks’ CEO, Ken Crouch the skill area that most needs to be filled in regional Australia is producing. The role of the Screen Producer is to bring a project to fruition by creating a budget, seeking finance, finding the team, realising market opportunities and managing the production.
“We are constantly being approached by creative people wanting to get their film and television concepts produced,” explained Mr Crouch “but it’s almost impossible to get anywhere without a producer and a pathway to audience. We often look to the metropolitan centres for producers, as there is only a handful in regional Australia. There is so much potential for regional practitioners who have an interest in business and financing to build their skills as screen producers.”
One of Screenworks’ career programs designed specifically to help regional producers advance their career is the Regional Producer Elevator Program. Selected participants are provided $3,500 to invest in their career development as a Screen Producer, they are also appointed with a mentor and receive an all expenses paid trip to the Screen Producers Australia’s Screen Forever Conference in Melbourne, where they are able to join in selected exclusive sessions that take place at the conference. Applications have just opened for the 2018/19 Regional Producer Elevator Program and close on 24 Sept.
For more information about this program and the range of programs and opportunities that Screenworks offers to regional Australians visit