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Inaugural Youth Arts Symposium Set to Shake Up Australian Arts

Arts Front Under 30 (AFU30), a new national symposium, is bringing young artists from across the nation together in Newcastle, from 26–28 September 2018.
Following a hugely successful public callout for participants, AFU30 will assemble a hundred artists under the age of 30, representing a diverse range of voices and experiences from across Australia.
Led by independent artist Sara Strachan, the Symposium is a key project of the four-year Arts Front initiative delivered by Feral Arts. Arts Front supports artists to take the lead in shaping the future of culture and the arts in Australia and is driven by the provocation: “What should culture and the arts in Australia look like in 2030, and how do we go about making our visions a reality?”
“Young people are increasingly locked out of a number of sectors in Australia, and the Arts is no exception,” said AFU30 lead Sara Strachan, “Very few young people are included in conversations that steer the direction of the Arts industry.”
“With the AFU30 Symposium, we’re putting young people back in the driver’s seat, helping them build the arts landscape that they want to see. The Symposium will build on the dialogue and momentum created from the Australia Council for the Art’s investment in the 2016 and 2017 Youth Arts Summits and the Arts Front 2030 gathering held in 2016,” Strachan said.
The Symposium will provide attendees with three days of art-making, conversations, skills development, and future visioning. Running 26–28 September, AFU30 occurs at an exciting time in the City of Newcastle, leading up to This is Not Art – one of Australia’s leading contemporary and emerging arts festivals. Many delegates are also presenting work as part of This is Not Art, and will forge connections that will shape the Australian arts landscape for decades to come.
Arts Front Under 30 Symposium
26–28 September 2018
Newcastle, NSW

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