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Lismore Regional Gallery | Bring the Hannah Cabinet Home

Lismore Regional Gallery has the unique opportunity to be home to the worldwide sensation The Hannah Cabinet in what would be a first for regional Australia.
Never before has an iconic work of art (independently valued at $1 million) been housed in the town where it was created by a local renown master craftsman.
All that Lismore has to do is raise the funds to purchase the cabinet and make it part of the Lismore Regional Gallery’s permanent collection.
“Today we launch an Australia-wide appeal seeking 90 individuals or philanthropic and corporate supporters to sponsor one of the 140 spectacular drawers of the cabinet,” Hannah Cabinet Acquisition Team member GaelaHurford said.
“The Sponsor a Drawer Campaign will range from $5000 for a veneered long-fluted drawer up to $100,000 for one of the incredible ‘Birds of Prey’ drawers. We would love local clubs or community groups or individuals and families from the local region to sponsor a drawer, and of course we also hope to encourage donations from philanthropic and corporate supporters from right across Australia.”
The Hannah Cabinet has been on display at the new Lismore Regional Gallery since it opened last October, with the venue experiencing a huge increase in visitation due to its presence.
For the uninitiated, Geoff Hannah is one of the finest cabinet-makers in the world, and a household name in Lismore. The Hannah Cabinet was the result of 5000 hours of his labour and contains 34 fine timbers and veneers, 17 types of stone, four types of shell, and 23-carat gold leaf. It has 18 doors and 140 drawers.
As well as asking local companies and philanthropists to sponsor a drawer, the fundraising team has produced a specially designed brochure which presents all the wonders of the cabinet to encourage others from around Australia and the world to donate. The promotional package includes a 24-minute interview with Geoff Hannah and his exquisite cabinet.
“When a person has the opportunity to view the cabinet with all its intricacy and beauty they are immediately in awe of the craftsmanship and have even been known to cry,” Gaela said.
“We are aiming to take the promotional package to our potential supporters to present these wonders and encourage them to help us keep the cabinet in Lismore. To have an internationally renowned work of art permanently located in our regional gallery would be a great feather in our city’s cap. It would be an absolute joy to see Geoff’s greatest piece of work reside permanently in the town where it was so lovingly crafted.”
Lismore Regional Gallery Director Brett Adlington said while the cabinet would be kept in perpetuity in Lismore, the city would be generous in allowing it to travel.
“Although it will be fondly homed at the Lismore Regional Gallery, The Hannah Cabinet will be available for Australia-wide exhibitions – it’s an exquisite piece of craftsmanship that we want to share and see displayed,” he said.
“We are buoyed by how well the fundraising has gone so far and by how many locals have really been captured by the idea of bringing the cabinet home to Lismore. For instance, we are very excited that the Combined Rotary Clubs of Lismore are donating all profits from this year’s opera afternoon at Southern Cross University to the campaign. This is a real community effort as well as one that is attracting national and international interest.”
Special presentations of The Hannah Cabinet are held every Wednesday from 10.30-11.30am and every third Sunday at 11am. Geoff or one of his students are present to reveal the incredibly detailed interior of the doors and drawers, which are covered in exquisite marquetry of flora and fauna.
“Don’t let this cabinet be sold overseas like Geoff’s Australiana Cabinet, which now lives in a private collection in Antwerp,” Gaela said.
“Over $150,000 has been raised already but we still have a very big hill to climb.”
To make a donation or Sponsor a Drawer, please complete the form at