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Job Opportunity | Arts Jobs Available at Lake Macquarie City Council

Lake Macquarie City Council have five arts positions available; Cultural Experiences Coordinator, Urban & Public Art Project Leader, Cultural Projects Officer, Lifelong Learning & Audience Engagement Coordinator, and Cultural Support & Assets Coordinator. Applications close on 27th August.

The positions will be within Lake Macquarie City Council’s City Cultural Services Department. This department is a multi-disciplinary team responsible for the design, development and operational management of Art, Heritage, Culture and Tourism on behalf of the council. The team consists of specialist from the Libraries & literacy programming, visual arts & regional Gallery, social history, public art, a Visitors Information Centre and Tourism development & marketing, to deliver the Art’s Heritage and Cultural Pan 2017 -2027 and other Council aligned strategic creative outcomes.

Cultural Experiences Coordinator

Reporting to the Manager of Cultural Services, the Cultural Experiences Coordinator will lead a multi-diverse team of cultural sector professionals and direct the strategic management of service delivery operations within Lake Mac Libraries, the City Art Gallery, Visitor Information Centre and Cultural Hubs.
You will be responsible for ensuring the daily operations, workforce planning, rostering and management of cultural experiences across these Cultural Service facilities is of the highest quality, meets council expectation and invokes engagement from community and visitors within the local government area.
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Urban & Public Art Project Leader

The Urban and Public Art Project Leader will take the role of developing and implementing, a variety of urban and public arts projects, for the benefit of residents and visitors, while also putting in place programs that preserve the City’s collection of urban and public art, monuments and memorials.
You will report to the Major Creative Projects and Innovation Coordinator, with the aim to firstly write and then deliver the Lake Macquarie Urban and Public Art Policy and actions, outlined within the Arts, Heritage and Cultural Plan 2017- 2027.
For more information and to apply click here.

Cultural Projects Officer

The Cultural Projects Officer position is responsible for supporting the city’s arts and cultural initiatives through community development, engagement, and liaison and outreach activities. The position’s work emphasises creative community engagement and implementation of strategies and actions within the Arts, Heritage and Cultural Plan 2017 -2028.
You will work closely with Cultural Project Leaders and other key stakeholders within the Major Creative Projects and Innovations Team to support the delivery of cultural innovation.
For more information and to apply click here.

Lifelong Learning & Audience Engagement Coordinator

Reporting to the Manager of the Cultural Services Department, the Lifelong Learning and Audience Engagement Coordinator will lead a multi-functional team responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive Cultural program suite of quality educational and participatory experiences across the literacy, visual arts, heritage and history and performing arts.
The role will be responsible for the development and implementation of all Cultural Programs delivered by Cultural Experiences facilities. This suite of work will be community program focused, exciting, interactive and engaging. With a holistic intent towards education, community connections, social inclusion, volunteer network developments and expanding cultural experience across Lake Macquarie City Council.
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Cultural Support & Assets Coordinator

Reporting to the Manager of the Cultural Services Department, the Cultural Services Support and Asset Development Coordinator is charged with managing the effective development and use of cultural services equipment, processes, the venues and physical collections that our customers engage with. This role primarily coordinates all the physical assets and operational systems across the team and services within the department
You will lead a multi-functional team to manage the departmental governance/compliance requirements, administration, budgets, all physical assets and library collections, procurement, contracts, plant equipment, facility presentation models, Insurances and departmental governance/compliance outputs. The team will ensure the efficient operational management all Cultural Services facilities including cleaning, security and maintenance.
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