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A Two-Day Directing Intensive: Helping Screen Directors in Regional Australia Achieve their Career Dreams

Aspiring directors across Australia have the opportunity to get closer to achieving their career dreams by spending two days with Walkley Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker Anna Broinowski (Forbidden Lies) and multi-award winning Drama Director Ana Kokkinnos (Pulse) who will both present at Screenworks’ Directing Intensive being held at Linneaus Estate on July 7th and 8th.
With only 12 places available for early career screen directors living in regional NSW, regional Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania, this workshop is offering the unique chance to fast track directing careers. Screenworks’ Directing Intensive two-day workshop is being run in partnership with the Australian Directors’ Guild, Create NSW and Linneaus Estate Education Fund. Support for individual participants is also being offered by Screen Queensland, Screen Canberra and Screen Tasmania.
“This is an extraordinary opportunity for early career screen directors living in regional Australia to connect with two of our industry greats,” explained Screenworks CEO Ken Crouch.
“The limited number of participants makes it easier to ask questions, get feedback and build personal connections with the guest presenters. If you live in regional Australia and you’re working toward a career as film or TV director, you should be applying for this opportunity.”
Through presentations, workshop sessions, screenings and discussions, Anna Broinowski and Ana Kokkinos will explain their directing techniques, share advice on best practice and give participants guidance on individual projects. Anna and Ana will also be joined by the Australian Directors’ Guild CEO Kingston Anderson who will provide advice about career development for each selected director.
Anna Broinwoski is one of Australia’s most innovative documentary filmmakers, with a diverse slate of projects that explore environmental, social and political issues. As well as her Walkley Award she has won three AFI awards, an Al Jazeera Award and a Dendy Award, just to name a few.
Her slate of top rating documentaries include the Four Corners episode on Pauline Hanson, Please Explain, as well as Aim High in Creation exploring North Korean propaganda films and Forbidden Lies about the Chicago hoax author Norma Khouri.
Acclaimed writer/director Ana Kokkinnos’ career spans film and TV. Her films have won over 30 national and international awards. Her first feature length film Head On was selected for Directors Fortnight at Cannes. Anna has also directed episodes of the popular TV series Pulse and Seven Types of Ambiguity.
To be eligible for Screenworks Directing Intensive, applicants must have some experience directing content for screen. Details on how to apply are on Screenworks website. The deadline for applications is June 12.