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Broken Hill Art Exchange Moves to Grand Guesthouse

Broken Hill Art Exchange will be transferring its base of operations to the Grand Guesthouse site, at 313 Argent Street, Broken Hill.
Since 2001 BHAE has operated out of a small re-tasked shopping centre in south Broken Hill consisting of 5 studio spaces. The site will become an annexe to a much expanded residence at the Grand Guesthouse. BHAE’s drive to be a true exchange of ideas, skills and experiences is about to receive its first major boost in sixteen years.
The Argent Street location completes a triangle between the offices of West Darling Arts, Screen Media Broken Hill, and the corner bordering City Square, creating an artistic precinct.
Providing a facility for professionals and laypeople to hold and attend events, workshops, exhibitions, functions, and other activities, the establishment of this hub will invigorate participation in art creation for all skill levels in Broken Hill. As a home base, the Grand Guesthouse will enable BHAE to develop and foster closer affiliations with community groups.
With the development of the Grand Guesthouse as an arts cornerstone the city’s pulse will receive a boost and will give its centre a uniqueness quite unlike anywhere else. It’s an important step for a place deeply entrenched in the national psyche as a mining city and birthplace of Australia’s industry.
BHAE is a not-for-profit organisation staffed entirely by volunteers. An Australian Cultural Fund campaign has been created to assist in fund raising for moving and establishment costs. Full details of the project are available at
It is hoped that the Grand Guesthouse, as home to the Broken Hill Art Exchange, will be running by June 2018.
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