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Local Songwriters can Benefit from the Regional Song Contest

The Regional Song Contest is open to all ages and winners will be invited to perform at TCMF in a 2 hour showcase on the FANZONE STAGE, Saturday, 27th Jan.
The contest curator, Al Buchan, is hoping that opportunities like this will be an incentive, plus there’s a brand new acoustic guitar to be won; and it’s a real stunner!
There’s plenty to encourage entrants, for example, last year’s winner, 16yo Molly Millington, is now getting attention from music industry professionals and the inaugural winner, 17yo Harry Marshall, got signed to The A&R Department. “There seems to be a lineage of sorts happening and that’s a good thing,” says Buchan.
Add to that the history associated with Fretfest, being the launch pad for Pete Murray and others who have gone on to enjoy music careers including Bobby Flynn who starring on Australian Idol after participating in Fretfest, Mark Lowndes who made the finals of Australia’s Got Talent and Jac Stone impressed on The Voice.
Some positive associations are happening as well. For example, the 15yo runner up from 2015, Georgie Taylor, just recorded her debut single with Liam Kennedy-Clarke, so there are some good relationships being formed.
Recently relocated to Tamworth permanently, Fretfest founder, Al Buchan, says, “I am hopeful that my move to Tamworth will benefit the local music industry. For the past 2 decades, I have provided platforms for local singer/songwriters in Brisbane and the Gold Coast and it’s interesting how there’s talk around at the moment about Australian radio content being as low as 10%. That figure seems vastly inadequate to me and I hope we can do something to encourage Aussie songwriters and promote them. That’s been my motivation anyway.”
The Regional Song Contest closing date is Friday, 15th December.
To enter visit the Fretfest website here.