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Tweed Regional Museum | Mad Props Add Flair for Film Celebration

Tweed Regional Museum’s Collectors Cabinet has been a stage for some fabulous private collections – and now that stage is filled with some Mad Props.
Museum Director Judy Kean said Mad Props, featuring HL Bear’s rare collection of movie props, continued the fascinating displays in the Collectors Cabinet and “is the perfect match for the Museum’s current Tweed on Film exhibition”.
“We’re delighted that HL Bear, a Native American artist and Tweed resident, has agreed to share his extraordinary collection with us. His work has featured in motion pictures, music videos, print media, fashion shows and fashion shoots,” Ms Kean said.
Inspired by his contacts in the film industry, HL has amassed an eclectic collection of replica movie props and has a special place in his heart for the Indiana Jones films.
The collection includes two actual props from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The lapel pin worn by villain Walter Donovan, and the folding vintage goggles worn by Dr Elsa Schneider. Both pieces are included in the Collector’s Cabinet.
The exhibition also features replicas produced by prop makers whose work featured in the Indiana Jones films. A leather jacket made by Peter Botwright, costume designer for Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, is almost indistinguishable from the one in the film. An iconic brown felt fedora was created by the company who made several hats worn by Harrison Ford. A kangaroo hide whip was handmade by the late David Morgan, who made whips for the Indiana Jones movies, as well as Mask of Zorro and Batman Returns.
“As well as being an avid collector, HL Bear is also an extraordinary artist and craftsman in his own right,” Ms Kean said.
“He uses techniques and materials that reflect his Native American heritage to create museum-quality authentic Native American artefacts using traditional materials. We’re delighted to have a number of these props on display as well.
“Three extraordinary items – a Bear Society Warrior Shield, Warrior’s Lance and Blackfoot Warrior’s Bear Society knife – featured in the exhibition were all made by HL for the 1993 film Official Denial, starring Parker Stevenson, Kirk Benedict and Erin Gray.”
Mad Props is on display alongside Tweed on Film until 25 November.
For more information about both exhibitions and associated programs, visit, email or phone (02) 6670 2493.