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Write Around the Murray Festival | AlburyCity Short Story Award & Nano Story Competition

The Write Around the Murray AlburyCity Short Story Award & Nano Story Competitions are now open for entries.

AlburyCity Short Story Award 2017

The theme for the 2017 AlburyCity Short Story Award is Shadows. Shadows are intriguing in their duality; their ability to protect and shelter but also deceive and obscure. Harness the power of the short story to explore the complexity and depth that lies beyond the light. The judge for 2017 is award-winning uthor Bruce Pascoe.

Winners and runners up will be announced on Thursday 14 September during Write Around the Murray.
Further details in the conditions of entry.
Submit your entry here

Nano Story Competition

Can you tell a tiny story in only 50 words? Take our nano challenge and test your talents. Write a story in 50 words exactly. Include the word ‘shadow’ (or shadows, shadowing, shadowed and shadowy). Give it a title, complete the registration form and enter the nano competition. It’s free!
Winners and runners up and are selected in four categories:

One winner and two runners up in each category win generous book vouchers!