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How to Write a Grant Application | Reporting & Acquittals

Writing grants is an essential skill for those working in the arts, and many organisations depend on successful grants to deliver certain projects and activities. To celebrate the opening of the Regional Arts NSW Country Arts Support Program (CASP), Regional Arts NSW has put together a weekly step-by-step guide on how to prepare a successful grant application. This week we take a look at reporting & acquittals. You can read the previous articles on Planning & Research, Budgets, Writing the Application and Responsibilities as a Grant Recipient.
All funding programs require a final report on how the grant monies were spent. This report is called an Acquittal Report, and is required after the project is completed. It is advisable to think about this report while the project is happening. so that you can collect relevant information. This report is also a valuable record not just for the funding body but for your own organisation and future projects. Acquittal reports must be submitted within the specified time period as outlined in your conditions of grant. Your organisation is accountable for this process and failure to comply can affect your eligibility for other grants.

  1. An aquittal form will either be sent to grant recipients with the grant payment letter or can be found on the grant’s page on the Regional Arts NSW website.

  2. Other information and documents will also help you acquit a grant. Keep copies of all publicity, media/news clippings, programs, catalogues, invitations, high-resolution photographs and videos.

  3. Think about how you will measure and evaluate your project. You will need to collect statistics on audience and participants as they are required as part of the statistical report.

  4. Keep good financial records to demonstrate how funds were spent. You will need to supply a verified (i.e. Director or Treasurer’s signature) Profit & Loss Statement or Audit Statement. The Grant should be separately identified (i.e. RANSW CASP Grant) in the income column. You do not need to provide receipts with your report but it is recommended that they are retianed.

  5. Once you have submitted your acquittal you will receive a letter or notification that your acquittal has been accepted. Congratualtions, this means your grant process is complete!

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