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Regional Festivals | Cementa17


After two hugely successful festival events, Cementa is back this April , offering an entirely free four-day showcase of independent and experimental arts spread across the New South Wales post industrial town of Kandos.

From Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 April 2017, Cementa will present the work of more than 60 artists at the vanguard of Australia’s creative community and artist collectives – showcasing work from Tony Albert, Mervyn Bishop, Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro, Teena McCarthy, Nicole Welsh, Miriam Williamson, John A Douglas, The Twilight Girls, Super Critical Mass, A Galaxy of Suns and a whole lot more. Even Artbank are bringing their roadshow to town!

Cementa is part of a growing collection of niche creative and cultural festivals in regional Australia. Since its debut in 2013Cementa has grown to become a popular destination event with its total focus on arts, community and the land. Building on the success of the previous two festivalsCementa celebrates the state of Australian contemporary art across the spectrum of practice, from emerging to established, from urban to regional to local. The festival is developed and fostered by three creative directors who live and work in the region: Ann Finegan, Christine McMillan and Alex Wisser.

Cementa17 will present four days and nights of performance, sound, cabaret, interactive and electronic arts, video, installation and ceramics presented at more than twenty venues in and around Kandos and its surrounds – shopfronts, cafes, on the streets, in the Kandos Museum & local nursery, at parks, garages, cars, backyards, the tennis courts, a golf club, the CWA, community halls, church yards – surprising and unexpected places. Even Artbank are bringing their roadshow to town.


Kandos was founded 100 years ago to house the work force of the Kandos Cement Works.  Over its history, cement from Kandos has built the Harbour Bridge and much of the city of Sydney.  In 2012 the cement works closed, leaving the town without a defining industry and an opportunity for transformation.  The team behind the Cementa festival (three locals who live and work in the region) believe that the presence of this industrial heritage in the rural heartland of NSW provides an ideal context for the demonstration of contemporary art’s capacity to describe, engage, critique and celebrate both the world and our living in it.
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