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Arts North West | CHARGED! Workshops

Arts North West has been successful in securing $15,600 from Australian Government’s ANZAC Centenary Arts and Culture Fund for CHARGED!  The series of workshops exlore the story of the Battle of Beersheba, and are a part of the Australian Government’s National Anzac Centenary commemorations.

The charge of the 4th and 12th Australian Light Horse at Beersheba is remembered as the last great cavalry charge. This strategic victory holds great significance for the New England North West region, with many of the units and soldiers originating from the area.

The Arts North West team have already taken over the classroom at Kentuck Public School to launch the first of the CHARGED! workshops, which will be delivered to small communities across the region. Arts North West Executive Director, Caroline Downer, was there to join in the fun.

“Some very keen kids at Kentucky Public School have been learning all about the story of the battle of Beersheba which happened 100 years ago. They have made ID tags, created their own poster for the Light Horse, heard about men who were there. They have even made their worn hard tack biscuits. A big thank you to the committed teachers at these smaller schools for allowing us to come into their classrooms and takeover.”

For more information about the Anzac Centenary Arts and Culture Fund and a full list of recipients click here. For more information on the Battle of Beersheba project, contact the Arts NorthWest office at