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HIDDEN: Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk 2017

HIDDEN is an outdoor sculpture exhibition that takes place amongst the gardens and graves of Rookwood Cemetery.

The Trust is interested in exhibiting artworks that respond to themes surrounding the Rookwood site, such as history, culture, remembrance and love. This could include grief, loss, mourning, spirituality, the environment, and different cultural beliefs around burial and memorialisation.

This year, the trust is also interested in applications that are inspired by Rookwood Cemetery’s 150th anniversary. This may include (but not limited to) notions relating to Rookwood’s conception, development and evolution; cultural concepts specific to important eras within Rookwood’s history (e.g. the Victorian period); and the importance of commemorative events to celebrate love and life.

HIDDEN is open to a wide range of artistic approaches and artists can choose to approach the themes in a representational, conceptual, symbolic or abstract way. Artists may propose works yet to be made or existing works that relate to the exhibition themes.

Further information and application forms can be downloaded from

HIDDEN: Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk 2017
Celebrating 150 Years of the Sleeping City
Exhibition: 26 August – 24 September 2017
Call for Entries Open Until 13 March 2017