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CASP Funded Workshops Bring the Joy of Singing to Singleton

Internationally renowned vocal coach and harmony master Brian Martin ran a series of harmony singing workshops in Singleton from 26 April until 3 May, earlier this year. He worked with the Singleton Singers, Singing in the Library, Broken Leg Youth Theatre Company and Singleton Theatrical Society to polish up their skills; and held workshops for students in Broke Public School, Singleton Public School, King Street Public School, Singleton Heights Public school, Singleton High School, and St Catherine’s College. He also ran two workshops open to the general singing public. In total, 162 young people and 38 adults took part.

Wendell Peacock of Singleton Council said, “The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Every group Brian worked with would love to him return for another workshop.”

One unexpected outcome is that, a few weeks after participating in Brian’s ‘Choir Tuning’ workshop, the Singleton Singers won their section in the local eisteddfod, with the choir director acknowledging that Brian’s input made a significant contribution to their success.

The workshops were hosted by Singleton Council and supported by the Country Arts Support Program.