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Byron Bay based Filmmaker Receives International Recognition at The Timelapse Film Festival

Byron Bay based photographer and filmmaker receives International recognition at The Timelapse Film Festival for short environmental documentary film ‘Lapse of Reason’.

Byron Bay based photographer and documentary filmmaker Evan Malcolm’s short environmental documentary film ‘Lapse of Reason’ has received official selection and has gone on to become a Finalist in the ‘Documentary/Social Commentary’ category at The International Timelapse Festival to be held on August 13, 2016  at The Aero Theatre, Santa Monica, California. His unreleased film ‘Outlapsed’ also received official selection.

The captivating short environmental documentary, which was shown at the Byron Bay Film Festival in 2015, was selected by a world-class panel of judges renowned for their passion, creativity and leadership in the time-lapse art-form. The judges included Godfrey Reggio, Director of the ‘Qatsi Trilogy’: ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, ‘Powaqqatsi’ and ‘Naqoyqatsi’.

‘Lapse of Reason’ will be screened at The Timelapse Festival Award Ceremony on August 13 to both industry peers and the general public. It’s a significant career milestone for the Byron Bay-based documentary filmmaker to be acknowledged for his creative work at an international level.

“It is such a privilege to be recognised by some of my peers in time-lapse and documentary film-making, including Godfrey Reggio who directed ‘Koyaanisqatsi’, probably the most important film in the evolution of time-lapse film-making” said Evan. “To be screened alongside the leading time-lapse film-makers in the world on an international stage is quite frankly, mind blowing”.

The audience for time-lapse films has grown worldwide and continues to be a passion for Evan’s current and planned projects.

About the Film

‘Lapse Of Reason’ is a captivating short environmental documentary consisting entirely of time-lapse imagery.  It captures some of Australia’s most dramatic natural and man-made landscapes and uses original music to help tell the story whilst moving through three distinct acts.

‘Lapse of Reason’ is a non-verbal narrative timelapse documentary showing the fragility and vulnerability of the Australian environment and how mankind’s consumeristic ways are taking their toll on it reveals Evan. “I endeavored to take the viewer on a visual journey through several Australian environments. Some are natural and some are mankind’s most awful legacies on planet earth. This project took me to diverse locations throughout Australia, from Arnhem Land and Canberra to Cameron Corner and Byron Bay”.

Unique and innovative multi-axis motion control time-lapse equipment by Kessler Crane (USA) was used to make the documentary, along with a single-axis and a more portable rig from Syrp Genie (New Zealand).  Evan was one of the first documentary filmmakers to use the Kessler Crane CineDrive system in Australia.

‘Lapse of Reason’ has been released independently.

View more of Evan Malcolm’s work here.