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West Darling Arts Musician's Journey To Record New Album

West Darling Arts musician Merrilyn Air is the composer of ‘Songs of the Darling’ which features relaxing instrumental music set to the sounds of nature, captured along the Darling. You can purchase ‘Songs of the Darling’ through Rivertrack Studios here.

Merrilyn plays eleven different instruments and is a highly accredited vocal instructor, she engages the Wentworth and surrounding areas each Tuesday night in song nights at the Captain Strut Hotel.

Merrilyn is headed off in her new RV to explore rural New South Wales and Queensland for three months. On her journey she will be collecting more sounds for her next album which will feature sounds from the ocean and rainforest. Returning to Wentworth in November, Merrilyn will be busy with a series of music workshops she is running for the Mallee Folk Club.

For more information please contact Cherry Pratt, Executive Director, West Darling Arts by emailing You can also like the West Darling Arts Facebook page to keep up to date with arts projects in the West Darling Arts region.