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Stencil Project Gives Young Aboriginal Artists the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Young Aboriginal art students from the Flexible Learning Centre have had the unique opportunity of seeing their works in print, all thanks to City of Wodonga and Murray Arts.

Working under the guidance of renowned local artist and printmaker Linda Fish and Aboriginal artist Tamara Murray, a group of four students reinterpreted their individual Aboriginal designs using the age-old tradition of stencilling, merging contemporary ideas into a simple stencil to print.

A key part of the project involved Murray Arts supporting the young artists to increase their understanding of Copyright and Licensing issues. Each artist was given a licensing agreement and taken through the process of signing and understanding a legal document. Each artist was paid for a license to print their work onto calico bags and retained individual copyright.

This project provided the students with ‘real world’ learning about the importance of understanding copyright and signing agreements to protect their designs.

All money from the sales of the calico bags will be used by Burraja Arts to fund ongoing Aboriginal Art projects in the region. Calico bags are available for purchase for $10.00 through the BURRAJA ARTS enterprise shop, located at Murray Arts, Gateway Island, Wodonga.

To arrange a photo opportunity with the artists, their bags and mentors please contact Murray Arts on 6021 5034 to arrange a photo/interview.