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CASP Funds Medieval Musical Group to Visit Armidale

Thanks to a successful Country Arts Support Program (CASP) grant, the renowned medieval music group PRAXIS will be performing and holding workshops during the New England Medieval Arts Society’s 2016 Easter Gathering in Armidale.

The weekend’s festivities will include two workshops; medieval musical skills and instrumentation explained followed by a demonstration and participatory workshop on the bone flute.  Both workshops will include hands- on instrument making and playing.

PRAXIS will also be giving several live performances throughout the weekend.  Describing themselves as an Australian early music ensemble, the group performs lively interpretations of music gathered from the medieval world including Nordic folk dances, songs of pilgrims and crusaders, Trouvere music of feudal Europe and more.  PRAXIS play a diverse array of instruments including Oudh (Arabic lute), Rebec, Cello, Saz, Theobor, Jewsharps, and Wind instruments such as Medieval and Renaissance Recorders, Chalumeau, Shawm, Bone Flute, Gemshorn and a variety of Medieval & Renaissance Drums and Percussion.

For more information about the workshops and to book please visit the New England Medieval Arts Society’s website

CASP is a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local Regional Arts Boards on behalf of the NSW Government.  The program provides small grants to arts and community organisations for short term, locally initiated projects that increase opportunities for regionally- based groups to access a diverse range of arts programs and enables communities to explore and express their cultural identities.

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