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Armidale to Lead Local Letterpress Renaissance

The Museum of Printing at the New England Regional Art Museum will host a special artist-in-residence project in April with $3,000 funding from the Country Arts Support Program of Regional Arts NSW.

Leading letterpress artist Caren Florance will spend a week as artist in residence at the Museum of Printing from 2-9 April 2016 and will present a series of workshops and talks while she is in Armidale.

“This will be an opportunity for local people to find out more about the history and practice of letterpress printing here in Australia and overseas,” said Robert Heather, Director of New England Regional Art Museum. “Letterpress is the traditional printing process used to make newspapers, books, pamphlets and posters and it is enjoying a major resurgence around the world as artists, designers and craftspeople want to get back to the old ways of making beautiful things.”

“We are extremely fortunate to have the wonderful F.T. Wimble and Co. Collection of printmaking equipment, type and books here in the Museum of Printing at NERAM, one of the largest collections of its type in Australia so there is a unique opportunity to position Armidale as a local leader of the renaissance of this artform.”

Artist, printer, writer, blogger and bookbinder Caren Florance is one of Australia’s leading exponents of the artform of letterpress.  Caren has been printing with letterpress for over twenty years, working with writers and artists on projects ranging from zines and stickers to books and posters, and even installation work. She often prints under the imprint of Ampersand Duck. Currently she is studying a PhD at the University of Canberra and teaches book arts at the ANU School of Art

Caren Florance’s April residency at the Museum of Printing in Armidale will include:

Bookings and further information about  the 2 day workshop at the Museum of Printing are available at

Caren Florance’s artist-in-residence project is presented by the Museum of Printing at the New England Regional Art Museum in partnership with the New England Writers Centre.

Further information about the Museum of Printing is available at or on facebook at

This project is supported by Arts NSW’s Country Arts Support Program, a devolved funding program administered by Regional Arts NSW and local Regional Arts boards on behalf of the NSW Government.