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Hats Off To Outback Women Caps Off for Year with Video

Outback Arts has wrapped its Hats Off to Outback Women project for 2015 with the launch of the video featuring touring workshops held earlier in the year.

The project promotes a philosophy of mental health through creativity in 10 outback communities, with milliner, Waltraud Reiner in her Hatmobile travelling to some of the most remote communities in NSW. Waltraud was inducted into the Millinery Association Hall of Fame in 2013.

With the area severely impacted by drought, the project has given women the chance to meet with other women, learn a new skill and be transported through the making and wearing of a beautiful hat.

Waltraud believes that through the medium of hats people can reach out and connect with others and with themselves.

‘People should ask themselves, “how am I feeling?” I stop and ask myself this everyday,’ Waltraud said.

‘Through our classes and tours, we aim to aid emotional well-being by providing space, skill and opportunity for people to express their feelings through colour, texture and shape’

One participant who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease said she was concerned about how she would be able to sew, but was thrilled to find she was able to complete a hat.

The workshops featured in this video were funded though Catholic Community Services as part of the Federal Government Drought Assistance Package.

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